Agustus 10, 2007 ryev4

Peter Pan is a group band come from Bandung And There are 6 Person (Ariel is vocalis, Andika is Keyboard, Uki is bass, Reza is drummer, Lukman is Gitaris).

In the first Album they are not populer, but in the second Album they are populer with his song “Ada Apa Denganmu”. Star the children, young people and old people like it. Until they can sing.

Fot the third Album, Peter Pan keek out 2 personel keyboard and gitaris.

I dont know what happen until group band Peter Pan keek out 2 personel. So for the third Album peter pan with 2 new personel. With the song “Meninggalkan Jejakmu”. with Dian Sastro Wardoyo for the video clips.

2 Former peter pan, they set up a new band. The name is “The Titan,” with same position keyboard ang guitar. The vocalis look like Ariel.

If the peter pan not keek out 2 personel, so peter pan still solid. Because the name peter pan is from Andika’s mother and they agree for to use peter pan name. So, like new peter pan.

Another Ariel (vocalis) peter pan always they are problem about beautiful woman. Such as : Andara Early have a children with Ariel. Luna Maya until now still love Ariel until Ariel marriage with Sarah Amelia because Ariel make Sarah Amelia Pregnand.

New news Ariel with BCL (Bunga Citra Lestari). I dont know what is interesting about Ariel, if from fisic general people, small. Maybe Ariel created good song, so beautiful woman are attracted by this. Usually creater the song language can make beautiful woman fly for listening.


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  • 1. gunawan  |  Agustus 26, 2007 pukul 12:19 am

    “I dont know what is interesting about Ariel, if from fisic general people, small” , hahahaha, dont use that words man, he still taller than dian sastro wardoyo 🙂 peace.

    Anyway, I think Peterpan write mature songs now

  • 2. Diana  |  Oktober 25, 2007 pukul 7:16 am

    Some people have what you call “charm”-they may not be physically too attractive, but well…they have “something” that attracts you to them. Ariel, I think, is very charming. People don’t have to be good looking to be charming. They look good looking because they are charming.

  • 3. indi  |  Desember 25, 2007 pukul 7:31 am

    Sorry mas, mbok ya Inggrisnya diperbaiki. Terus terang gw bingung bacanya, banyak banget kesalahan grammar maupun spellingnya. Maaf, maaf banget nih ya, serasa baca tulisan anak SMP yg lagi nerjemahin kata satu persatu pake kamus. Bukannya gw mau bilang bahwa gw jago bahasa Inggris (gw juga masih bego kok), cuma gw mau nyaranin lain kali kalo mau nulis Inggris trus dipublish kayak gini, mendingan minta edit dulu sama salah satu temen situ yg jago bahasa Inggris.

    BTW, I agree with Diana. Although Ariel is not drop dead gorgeous, he has a strong charisma (I’m just copying what Luna Maya told to journalist from Bintang Indonesia about what made her like Ariel). He is really charming and there is something about him that makes many girls adore him like Adonis. In fact I read some confessions from non-Indonesians in the internet that they found him attractive.

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